Beautiful white interiors, simple elegance

trailrunnerbikerSeptember 11, 2012

Was looking for something else and found this link. I really like some of the rustic wood with the white. Quite elegant without being cold at all. I hope you enjoy looking. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Beautiful white interiors

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Lovely trailrunner, thanks for sharing. I like the ones with the rustic wood best too. I've never been able to pull off white schemes. I think white intimidates me more than colour, but I do appreciate these white rooms.

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I would like any of the ones with natural materials in the mix, too, if it weren't for the white floors, which always give me the heebie jeebies. Never mind the keeping-them-clean issues.

Floors in colors not found naturally underfoot have always bothered me, which leaves me pretty much with colors of stone, wood, and plants. I know - snow and ice can be underfoot, but that doesn't count. Do any of you feel that way as well?

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Interesting. I could tolerate (barely) the rustic DR. But too much white has to have the perfect lighting so it's not cold and creepy.

I'd be afraid to sit down in one of those rooms! lol

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Since we moved into a bathroom with white tile floors...ummm, I can tell you, I've seen things on that floor that I would like to unsee. ::wipes mind's eye:: We aren't the floor's "first owners" and there were clearly a lot of mishaps that I mistakenly thought a good scrubbing could correct. That is why we will not have white floors again in a bathroom. Just a smidgen of color hides a multitude of sins (and other things). Not enough to have dirt blend, but enough that every hair and speck isn't on display.

I'm hoping to find a porcelain marble look alike. In a hex pattern. Feel free to pass any suggestions along.

I like the white rooms as well, but I too am very intimidated by the look for a whole host of reasons. I am decorating for the life I actually live (repeats).

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I have written here several times about my cousin's beautiful all white interiors. Time and again she has always had the most beautiful rooms, always in white, all done with shading and texture. Not one of the rooms in the link compares to cousin's homes for warmth, comfort, elegance and beauty. I wish I could show you.

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laura mcleod

I love, love. love white. Thanks so much for sharing trailrunner!

DH always says that he does not think I would leave him for another man, but that I might leave him for an all-white apartment downtown.

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Beautiful indeed, trail runner , I'm a big fan of white interiors. Thanks for the eye candy.
Laura, that's funny..

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If you want some more eye candy go to the Rough Linen web site and when you look at the sheets on the bed click on the link to the guy's bathroom...everything. Very very serene and lots of gorgeous wood but very simple. c

Here is a link that might be useful: Daniel Hale blog

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I am color starved just looking at the pictures, I could never live with it! To each their own of course, lol.

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Fun to look at...thank you for the link...not something I could live with because I like color too much.

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I love two blogs which feature homes of basically all-white interiors--for the love of a house, and a country farmhouse. Very elegant; however I just can't live like that. How do you keep it clean? I likewise would be color-starved.

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(Sigh!) Pretty! I love white . . . white rooms, white walls, white clothing. I don't know why. I think it's the peacefulness it adds, although I do have to say that too much white can make you feel like you're living in a cloud, and not in a good way(LOL). As most of you already know, I have a lot of white in our home here and always enjoy seeing pics of white rooms! Thanks for the link, C!

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Lovely. But...

Some of those pix don't even have lamps to sully the pristine look! That's my new pet peeve: no lighting.

And if I tried that here, within 15 minutes there'd be books and papers and animals and remotes and laptops and sweaters and shoes and mail and all manner of flotsam and jetsam ruining it. Sigh. I and mine just don't have the discipline for that look.

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