How do I hate this primer...let me count the ways!

bronwynsmomSeptember 24, 2012


So I decided to paint the body of these file cabinets, and only wallpaper the drawer fronts (they are 42" 2-drawer lateral files).

I went to the B. Moore dealer, bought a quart of Cabinet Coat tinted to match my walls and the wallpaper, and on their advice, a quart of Stix, a water-borne bonding primer, to use under the paint.

It's going back.

I started with a foam roller, also with the blessing of the store guys, which despite the saturated foam left a prickle of little bubbles, which I managed to flatten with a second pass in most spots. Then I switched to a brush.

It set up in about seventy two seconds, so forget keeping a wet edge...and when I painted back into it, it made that thing that looks like you started peeling your sunburn and then rubbed lotion on what was left...

So I have to wait many hours before I can run a little fine sandpaper over it to smooth out the worst of it, and if I have to strip it all off, I suppose I will do that.

But sheeeesh!

So be warned. If you have used and can handle this stuff, I welcome your advice.

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Hi Bronwyns mom, I'm sorry I can't advise on the problem you're having with the primer BUT I am asking about the wall color in some pix you posted of a family room w/light green walls in another discussion. It's a beautiful room w/white woodwork and a portrait of a pink cheeked lady over a fireplace. The color would work great for one of my rooms. Do you know what it's called?

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Thank you, Judithn!
I loved that room...I roughed out the design for the cabinetry on the train back to the city we were moving from, and it was built pretty much like that sketch.

The paint was a Martin Senour color called "Spiderweb," and I used an eggshell finish. The ceiling was Peach Tulle, also Martin Senour, also eggshell. The trim and cabinetry were "Bleached Ivory" by Fuller O'Brien, which I've been unable to find any more. It's a shame, because it was the perfect ivory - like unsalted butter mixed with heavy cream...

But if you open this link, and look far to the right among the color pages, Peach Tulle is in the next to last column on the page of very pale shades between some blue-purples and some neutrals. Then if you look at the third one to the right of that, you'll find Spiderweb on the rightmost column.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martin Senour chart

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Okay, back to primer complaining...I nib sanded it, put the first coat of Cabinet Coat on it, and I think it's going to be okay.

Film at eleven.....

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Annie Deighnaugh

Sorry your having difficulties. I used Styx on our garage door which was a powder coated aluminum. The first day I was running into a similar problem because it was a hot day and the sun came round before I finished. The second day I painted it was earlier in the day and more humid so it didn't dry as quickly and it went on more smoothly. I did use a bristle brush though. The good news is that it really did stick and the finished job looks fine. I was concerned as it really is difficult to stick to aluminum.

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Thank you for the reassurance, Annie! I'm sticking to a brush for the second cabinet. I have to do them one by one, because they are already in the room, and one is full, and they are steel, and they weigh a bloody ton! So I'm doing the empty one first, moving everything, then the other one, rejiggering the files, and using them as the base for a vast new desk surface that I'm making from two solid core doors.

I ought to have my head examined...for the amount of work, I probably should have had the desk surface made, but I got it in my head, and started, and....well, you doubtless know this story yourselves...

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Lori A. Sawaya

Holycow what a tale, bronwynsmom! Sux that it played out like that but sounds like it's on track now. yay!

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Thanks, funcolors. I seem to have needed to whine about it.

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Lori A. Sawaya

And there is nowhere better to whine about primer problems than here because you know someone is gonna understand!

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