first attempt at chalk paint - what should I do differently?

dab07September 28, 2012

Hi, I just painted my first piece with ASCP, a small end table. It came out sort of nice, but I'm going to keep working on it until I get what I'm looking for.

When I got it, it had at least two coats of paint on it, and the top coat was a semi-gloss white. I did not sand it first. I undercoated it with Coco and let it dry. Then I applied Versailles and let that dry.


When I tried to reveal the Coco in some grooved parts by sanding, I went right through to the white paint: both chalk paints came off.

1. Might steel wool get into the grooves better/be gentler than sandpaper? Could the sandpaper be too coarse (I used 150 and 220)?

2. I used both colors full strength; maybe if I thinned the top coat it would have sanded off more easily? This happened both when I sanded with wax and without.

3. It made me wonder why I undercoated the whole piece with Coco, when I wanted it to show through only around the edges and in the grooves. Couldn't I have painted those areas only with Coco?

4. Since the (presumably) latex paint is what showed through when I sanded, would undercoating with latex be a better idea? I could use a similar color and use that instead of chalk paint.


5. I'm confused about what the dark was is supposed to do. I know it darkens the color a little. I don't know if I should expect the aged, worn-edge look to come from the wax, or from the darker undercoat. Any thoughts?

6. Clear wax: I used the AS round brushes. I've read that very little is needed, you just have to touch the was with the tips of the brush. But I kept feeling I needed more. How much do you really need to use? DIrections say to wipe off excess, but does this mean rub it in? Do you rub it in right away, or wait ... and how long do you wait?

Thank you!! I know these are a lot of questions, and I'm sure I'll have more down the road. There are no retailers close to me, and they usually take a day or two to get back to me when I call.

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I'm putting the link for Annie Sloan below.

You should use very fine sand paper or even wipe some of the top coat of paint off before dry. For the wax, use the round waxing brush (sounds like you did) and PUSH the wax into the piece. That's the best way I can describe it. I'm sure her tutorial is better! Then wipe off wax with a cloth, let dry and buff. I usually let dry 24 hours before buffing. I have not used the dark wax to darken a color but to highlight areas. ALWAYS use the clear wax before using the dark wax.

Hope this helps!!


Here is a link that might be useful: how to use AS chalk paint

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