Bosch dishwasher people...

SivousSeptember 26, 2013

I need a new dishwasher and was leaning towards a Bosch...but, I have read several reviews that the dishes do not dry. If you do not use a rinse agent you also get lot's of spots. Anyone? I would also consider a Whirlpool. Something around $800 is the price range.

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I've never researched the different models, but I can say that the Bosch I have dries the dishes with residual heat, so you either have to leave it closed for a while after it finishes its cycle or open it to let the dishes air dry.

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Thanks. I have no problem leaving it closes. I usually wash dishes before I go to bed and don't put them away till I get home from work the next day.

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Just found a Maytag Jet Clean that I like. Might go that way. Decisions, Decisions....

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Interesting. We just had to replace our stove and since it was such a good sale (labor day weekend), we also bought a new microwave at that time. I had to change colors (went from almond to SS), and since our appliances are 16 years old, we opted to replace all - within the next few months. The dishwasher is the appliance that is seems to have worn the most so we'll replace that next. I've already been looking. We bought LG stove and microwave and we narrowed the dishwasher to Bosch or LG. I usually let my present dishwasher air dry - I run it at night and then let air dry.

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I wash dishes in my Whirlpool DW around 6:30 at night. Don't use the dry cycle. By 11:00 when I go to bed, the dishes are dry....just from the residual (?) heat of the hot water.

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We have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher that is made by Bosch. It does a great job but we do use a rinse agent. I've never noticed a problem with the dishes not being dry other than glasses that have a deep well on the bottom of them. Our previous dishwasher had been a builder grade Whirlpool that was horrible at cleaning anything and didn't dry properly.

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I have a Bosch. Like others have said, I wash before I go to bed and don't usually empty till before dinner the next day. The only things that don't dry very well are plastics, but this happens in a dishwasher with heated dry as well, and sometimes water collects on the bottoms of my tupperware tumblers. Other than that, it holds a LOT, cleans really well, and I don't find buying rinse agent every so often to be cost prohibitive. I use Finish with the red ball.

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laura mcleod

I have a Bosch and have no trouble with it not drying. I love it because it is so quiet - our kitchen opens up to a little den and I don't hearing anything when sitting in there with a book (I wish my freezer was as quiet!!).

I agree with fivefootzero - it holds a lot!

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Mine dries others have mentioned plastic and glasses with wells on the bottom I have to take a paper towel to.

I have to say, I don't think it cleans all that great. I usually have to stick a few things back in instead of putting them away. Am I doing something wrong? Perhaps not using a rinse agent? And I also get that nasty odor from time to time.

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I love my Bosch. I also run it at night, but sometimes during the day. It is so quiet. I always let it sit for several hours before emptying and everything is dry. I use the Cascade Gel Pacs. Once in awhile I find a cruddy bowl but that is because I had the dw packed too tightly and water did not reach it.

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Thanks for all the info. I am going to check at Sears, they carry several brands. I would like to say, that this is the second GE that we have had that has had a recall on it. 1st one was in the house , we elected to buy a new one with the rebate that they gave us, since we didn't know how old it was. This new one is 6 years old has had a recall and now the pump is going out. They want $400 to fix it! It's history! I will "NEVER" I repeat "NEVER" buy another GE.

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I subscribe to Consumer Reports online. After the top rated ones, which are 4 Kenmores running from $1020 to $1350, these are the next 4, and in your price range.

Interestingly, just below these Bosch in the ratings is Bosch SHX98M0 at $1550. The Kenmores rank 82 - 85 out of 100, and the Bosch are all 81. The 4 below are all rated a 'Best Buy'. Also interesting, Sears had one of the best prices on the first one below at $719.00 and Lowes was the highest at $849.00.

CU Best Buy Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR7 $730

CU Best Buy Bosch Ascenta SHE3AR7
Similar to tested model: Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR7 $630

CU Best Buy Bosch Ascenta SHE3ARF
Similar to tested model: Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR7 $650

CU Best Buy Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR5
Similar to tested model: Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR7[ $680

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Another Bosch owner here. Mine is 11 years old and I've never had a problem with it. Quiet, dries with no problems (of course anything that allows puddles won't dry) and cleans perfectly. We always use use a rinse agent, especially since we have hard water, but I've never seen a problem when we've forgotten to refill.

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Thanks my3dogs for the info!
I am leaning more and more towards the Bosch. I did find some ratings for dishwashers on this site

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As long as we're talking Bosch dishwashers, everyone EXCEPT joaniepoanie, what D/W detergent do you use. Actually, jp, you can answer too -- maybe you should try a different one! (I have a Bosch d/w on order, will be installed in about 2 months)

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Have had Bosch dishwashers since the 80's, apart from one disastrous lapse when I bought a KitchenAid, and they have never let me down. Quiet, economical, wash and dry well and no spotting. We do have a water softener. I don't use any rinse aid. I use whatever Cascade powder Costco sells, and not too much of it!
This discussion has been had before and I think it emerged that models are important. Builder grade appliances seem to cause frustration and bring down the brand name!
I currently have two Bosch dishwashers. When the time eventually comes, their replacements will be Bosch.

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I can't believe mine are going on 7 years now, and I'm happy. Used to hear that the lack of a grinder meant a lot of yuk to clean out with every load, and that kept me from getting one years earlier. Learned on GW that it wasn't the case and went with it mainly for quiet ratings because of our open floor plan.

I find that mine dries at least as well as the ones I'd had before -- some plastic rims or wells on bottom of glasses may hold a little residual water, but not much, and like I said, maybe less that the heated drying. The plus is that you don't have to worry about things melting in the bottom rack or if something falls to the bottom -- wish I'd had that when the kids were sippy cup age.

Mine cleans well -- but if you load so water cant get to and move across surfaces, it can leave gunk. It is almost always a loading error. I used to use Cascade and then started feeling like it was too much detergent -- I was smelling it on things after the wash. I went to a liquid I could measure out and am now using Target's Up and Up brand. If I have things that are really dried or baked on, I may add a squirt of Oxy Boost. I do use a rinse agent but mostly because our water here will tend to spot.

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my3dogs-"I subscribe to Consumer Reports online. After the top rated ones, which are 4 Kenmores running from $1020 to $1350, these are the next 4, and in your price range."

I let my subscription lapse as I have nothing lately I am buying big ticket, so I can't look this up myself. Are there any "real people" reviews on CR website under the Kenmroe dishwasher highest rated CR reviews?

I ask because when I was buying my range last year I relied heavily on CR's website and was very disappointed in them when Kenmore ranges received 3 of the top ten spots and CR gave absolute RAVE reviews of them all. Then if you read further on their own site every single person who owned those ranges said in the long term (not even long term within a year or so) parts started falling off them. Heating elements fell off the inside of the stove, one woman burned herself on the front of the stove because of poorly placed oven vents heating up the oven handle and Kenmore (Sears) didn't stick by it, only said they tested the vent and it was deemed "cool enough". Dozens of reviews from everyday people on each of the stoves and CR still had them listed as top rated picks.

Personally after reading many reviews of Kenmore stoves would steer clear of anything Kenmore. I wouldn't even look at a sewing machine when I was in the market.

On another note, I have decided on a Bosch myself. An 800 series with panel option for my kitchen. After talking to my local appliance guy and discussing the other options (I needing the panel ready option), he steered me to either that or the KitchenAid. The Bosch had more features and in his explanation of drying, I am perfectly fine waiting with the door closed, or keeping it open to air dry if needed. It is how the machine conserves energy.

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Another Bosch owner here. I love it for all the reasons stated above.

I use Target Method and Finish gel packs. We have very hard water here so I also add some LemiShine. Works great.

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I use Finish tabs in my Bosch DW.
A sample came with the DW and the fellow that installed it said he used the Finish tabs with great results. (He was right).
I also use Turbo Dry Jet Dry.
We run the DW when it is loaded and have unloaded it many times while the dishes are still hot. Everything is dry except the well in coffee mugs.
I was concerned about the reviews that claimed that Bosch DW's don't dry. I have never found that to be the case.

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We found very few dishwashers when looking for a new one last year that actually dried anymore. We found a Kitchen Aid model and a few Miele models. Seems that heating elements have gone away from most dishwasher models the last few years.

Spend some time in the appliance forum and ask there about specific, new models you are investigating. Not only are there appliance sales people in that forum, there are appliance repair people.

Good luck!

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I have a Siemens dishwasher, which as I understand, is made by Bosch. I love it. As in, it's the only appliance in my kitchen that I can say I absolutely LOVE. I've heard from a family member who owns the same dishwasher that their dishwasher repairman says the only thing appliance repairmen can agree on is a Siemens/Bosch/(one other brand? Thermador?) dishwasher. Apparently all three are made by the same company and are top notch. It washes so unbelievably well and it looks gorgeous. (Well, as gorgeous as a dishwasher can look really.) I'm a bit lazy about putting rinse aid in, but I definitely use it now and never did before. I've also heard certain dishwashing detergents work better than others. (I use Ecover tablets and rinse aid.) I do find dishes accumulate water on top if they're concave. And when I first open the dishwasher things are sometimes a bit damp. But it's not a big issue for me and the dishes dry off very quickly on their own after I open it up. I would highly recommend my Siemens dishwasher to anyone.

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I owned a Bosch in a previous home and we loved it. Like others have said, very quiet. It also held a lot - almost too big as I like to run full loads to save on energy and it took us a while to fill it up. When the time comes, I would definitely buy another (although I sometimes think I would like dishdrawers now that it is just two of us).

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We use Cascade liquid and have never had an issue with it. We went with the liquid because we are on septic and were told it was better for it.

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I have a new Bosch, in use since June. It's model SHV55r53UC. The dishes come out dry, except, as others have mentioned, the plastics and glasses with concave bottoms. I had read somewhere that using a rinse aid helps with drying so I make sure to use it. I've been using Palmolive gel dw detergent and Cascade rinse aid.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I haven't read the replies so this may have been covered already, but with the 2 Boschs we have had, I always used rinse aid and considered it as important as the detergent. That has always been a powered tab (never gel). Yes, it has a "rinse aid" button in the detergent block, but it's not the same. The rinse aid is vital for spotless dishes and fast drying, at least at my house.

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I replaced my horrible mid-range KA last year with a mid-range Bosch. You will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers. Emptying the filter is easy and not gross, it is very quiet, and does a great job. I never used heated dry in my KA as it was such an energy hog, and the Bosch dries things much more effectively. I have Fiestaware and it does not hold the cereal bowls as well as the KA did but they come out clean so I don't care.

I use a very small amount of Cascade powder detergent, unscented if at all possible, and Finish rinse aid. I more often than not run it on the half load setting and things are clean. A friend recently suggested I try white vinegar instead of rinse aid and I am curious, but somewhat reluctant to mess with success.

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Just FYI, my Bosch has a setting that can be adjusted regarding heat and drying. I can't remember what it was called, but it's adjustable (as are many different settings on the machine).

Also, with regard to reviews, a lot of the lower end Bosch models get horrible reviews. The higher end ones (made in Germany) still get the best reviews.

I had a Kitchenaid to start, had to return it to dealer after a month because the vent ON THE SIDE of the door was venting in to my cabinets. It actually warped the drawer that is along side the DW. I had multiple postings about this in the appliance forums. Thankfully I got it from a reputable appliance dealer who was willing to exchange for me. Very poor design.

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Interesting. I will read more in the kitchen forum. Presently I use the cascade gel tabs - the ones with the orange gel. Have never needed/used a rinse aid with this dishwasher, so that's interesting about using it with a Bosch.


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One thing to consider is making sure that whatever brand that you choose should have a shut off valve or alarm should you have a leak. I learned this through experience! I previously owned a maytag purchased 13 yrs. ago and it started leaking doing some damage to my wood floors. We purchased a Bosch in the 800 series about 5 yrs. ago and have been really happy with it's performance. It has an alarm and shut off mechanism should it detect a leak which thankfully we've never had. Would definitely recommend a Bosch.

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Thanks for all the replies! The guy who worked on our GE said to always use the heated dry option as that kills germs (bacteria). I never did use it! Anyway, the Bosch does not have one so, that is not an issue for me. Anyone check out the website I put the link to? I had the Bosch and some of the Whirlpools high up on the list. I was surprised at some of the low ranked ones.

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Have a lower end Bosch and love it. Bosch recommends using only Finish tabs. I also use Finish rinse aid but I do dilute it a little. Finish Turbo rinse aid is over kill. You can adjust the amount of rinse aid. Also using the sanitize feature will help things dry quick. I really like how you can put plastic on the lower rack and not just on the top rack as most with a heating element advise.

With the sanitize feature and using rinse aid most items are completely dry. I run the dw when ever it is full which is once or twice a day.

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Oh, I forgot to ad...I have been using those little gel packs that have two colors to them. I think they are Cascade. And, I have always used a rinse agent. Dishwasher guy said: Set a cup of white vinegar on the top rack and also the bottom. Run in the regular cycle one a month.

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Geokid, Lemishine is so popular here the stores can't keep it in stock. I have to buy several bottles at a time! They have it in gel paks now but I like the powder better.

Ditto with Cascade. The gel sometimes will leave gooey gunk.

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I don't know if you've made your decision, but I would urge you to look around for a Miele on sale, scratch and dent (sides that won't show) or close out of a discontinued model. They are the best dishwashers and I say that from experience with just about every brand. If you can find one on a good sale it is worth the few hundred dollars or so above your budget and the warranty period is longer than most others we've owned.

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I like mine but don't love it. It gets an odd smell from time to time. I googled about it and it seems that many people have the same problem.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch smell

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I have an 800 series from a few years ago that has a water softener-the reason I bought it. It's a model made in Germany.

It's super quiet, cleans very well, same drying experience as others. I break the Finish tab in half and use rinse aid. I've been totally smitten since the first day :)

I looked at Miele and considered a scratch-n-dent but it uses quite a bit more energy than a Bosch. I've been trying to reduce my consumption (and electricity is expensive in TX), so went with the more energy efficient brand. I don't regret it, obviously.

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My previous Bosch was going strong at 10 years old (never had a service call) so I gave it to a friend when I remodeled 2 years ago. She loves it.
I replaced that Bosch with a panel ready model and like the previous one it does a fantastic job of washing and drying my dishes.
I use a local store brand dish washing powder and jet dry rinse agent (with the dispenser set at 2). I have never had any smells, spots or less than sparkling clean dishes.

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We are happy with our Bosch too. We recommended it to our picky son when his dishwasher broke and they really like it.

We use Cascade powder and put jet dry in the rinse aid dispenser.

Before we had one, I though that the flatware racks were a gimmick and might be annoying to load. Now that we have one, we've found it really easy to use. I like that the flatware comes out clean (as opposed to sometimes finding two spoons that have nested together in a basket). It makes putting the flatware away very quick too.

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I'm looking at the Bosch 300 and 500 series. Are either of these made in Germany? Do you know the main differences between these two series?

Anyone have a 300 or 500 series and how do you like it?

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Ours is the Ascenta from Best Buy - love it. Previously we had an older model which was also awesome, had to leave it when we sold our home.

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tinan - Thanks so much for letting me know you love your Ascenta as well as your older model. I likely won't go wrong with any Bosch dishwasher : )

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No I don't think you can go wrong! One thing to get used to is the difference spacing o tines compared to USA dishwashers. Once you learn how to work with them you can fit in twice as many dishes - and still have them come out clean!

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Question: How do you know which Bosch DW models are made in Germany? I have an 18" in another location, and it's great, and made in Germany.

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You should probably ask this over o the Appliances forum, but I think I remember someone saying that only the dishwashers above the regular 800 Series ("Plus" and one other) (not the regular 800 series, which is what I have) are made in Germany.

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I am well pleased with my Bosch except the tub is so low to the floor and it's not fun with osteoporosis to load and unload. Otherwise, it performs fine and is extremely quiet. You must disengage the finishing beeper or wake up in the night to the sound of it. It is much quieter than the Kenmore or Whirlpools that I had previously. Quiet is important to me.

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Our Boschs clean decently, but the burning plastic smell it emits gives me a migraine.

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Burning plastic smell? I think you have a problem dishwasher. Have you called Bosch?

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I don't use rinse aid with mine, just vinegar.

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