GFCI tripping when tv is turned on from a different circuit

johnnjbgoode1December 8, 2013

I have gfci tripping when I turn a big screen tv on from a different circuit. A vacuum doesn't cause the gfci on a different circuit to trip.

This is a 1940 home with all BX wiring. Some years ago I replace all the outlets putting a gfci in the first outlet for each circuit.

There was an odd two prong outlet that did not have the usual side by side inserts for a two prong plug but rather one of the inserts was at an angle of about 45 degrees. I simply replaced it with a gfci and this is the one that trips when I turn a large screen tv on from a different circuit. Interestingly the tv circuit's gfci does not trip! Just the other or second circuit?

Any ideas?



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Ron Natalie

Somewhere you have a fault. I suspect that you've got a neutral touching another neutral (or perhaps the armor of the cable).

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