Where to find contemporary chandeliers

jockewingSeptember 11, 2010

I have been searching high and low for a really cool chandelier to go over my breakfast table dining area. Lately, I am finding myself mixing modern and mid-century looks with my "transitional" style, and when it comes to lighting, I have always been drawn to more modern styles. I have found several that I like, but they all seem to be very expensive ($700 and up). I really like a lot of Jonathan Adler's light and Thomas O'Brien's lights. Originally, I had decided I wanted a drum shade pendant, but I bought one and was dissatisfied with the amount of light it put out (the shade obscured too much of the light). Believe it or not, I am even toying around with the idea of using one of those "sputnik" lights from the 60's. Does anyone know of some sources where I can find stylish, expensive-LOOKING fixtures?

Here are some of the lights I really like:







If anyone knows how to embed the pics directly into the message, I'd appreciate it.

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Right click on the photo you want to post and then click on View Image Info.
Copy and paste the location of the photo into your post. It needs to end in jpeg.
Then type this in front, including the space after the "g", no space after=
img src=
Then add carets at the beginning
Preview to test to see if it works. If you don't see it, it's not going to show up.

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It needs to end in jpg.

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What is the price range in which you would be comfortable? I know lots of folks will want to help, but it would be great not to waste your time posting things that are still out of your comfort zone.

I like some of your choices. Not sure the sputnik would be good down in everyoneƂs faces at a dining table, but I do love the look of it!

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beachlily z9a

We have similar taste so I will be watching to see what others say.

Good luck in your search!

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Did you try www.lighting direct.com? They have some decent prices, tho I didn't look thru all your choices.

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I'd probably prefer to stay below $500, although I might exceed that for something perfect.

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Google *lighting*. Most websites have *narrow your search* options to choose from, including price, style, size, color etc.--very helpful. You could spend hours looking...

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Here are the pics:

Thomas O'Brien 'Ziyi'

Thomas O'Brien (not sure of name)

Jonathan Adler 'Meurice'

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i really like the "ziyi"!! a very nice looking chandelier without being too contemporary looking!

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Well I have ordered the "Piper" chandelier from Mitchell Gold:

I really like this chandelier--modern and trad. at the same time. I think I might have preferred the polished nickel finish, but from what I understand, this style has been discontinued and they only have the natural brass left. I still like it and I hear brass (especially natural brass) is coming back. Also, it was on clearance for only $150!!! with tax! Didn't know you could get anything from Mitchell Gold for that price.

It should be here in about a week or 10 days. I'm excited!

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Love it!

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check Bellacor's clearance section. I have bought several expensive lights that were returned for low prices from the.

Check overstock.com

good luck

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Wayfair.com has great deals on lights too, I have a light in my powder room that was about 1/5 the price on other sites. It on clearance, but I still see it on other sites.

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This is a VERY old thread. I wonder why it is here... It was here before gmp3 responded, so it was resurrected on its own. The gnomes are at it again...

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It was spammed. I reported it, they removed the spam, but it still will show as having current posts until we let it die. :-)

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