TV could be a fire hazard now?

ginjjDecember 23, 2009

Last night there was no volume on my 10 year old TV. My husband moved it to look at the back but said he did nothing. We did move cords in the process, to get them out of the way. The back of the TV has lots of cords-stereo etc. When he put it back in place the volume was back on. A friend at work said it could have a short which caused the volume loss and if so is now a fire hazard.

Should I keep the fire extinguisher handy and start shopping for a new TV?

Thank you,


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it would not be a short, it would be a open. as in a open connection from a loose cable or connector. when your husband moved things the cable reconnected. if it continues to give you problems, he should change out the audio cables.

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Thank you! That's good news as I'm not ready to buy a new TV.

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Be careful with lots of cords, especially if they are curling around on themselves or each other or running underneath anything. That is a fire hazard. Our barn burned down from a bale of hay being placed on top of a plugged in cord that was laying in a curl. I think the fire marshal said it is called arcing, but am not sure about the terminology, just the result. I also had a colleague at work whose house burned from a cord running under a desk corner.

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