New oven wire correct size??

hairyjrDecember 8, 2010

We're thinking about buying a new convection oven to replace our old one. We have 10-3 G NMB 600v wire with 2 30amp breakers currently to our present oven. The new oven states it needs 240v with 40amp breaker with 6.9KW @ 240v. Is the wire we have big enough to handle the new oven if I the breakers were changed to 40amp? I don't want to over heat the wire and cause a fire. Also when it says it needs a 40amp breaker do they mean 2 40amp breakers or 2 20amp breakers that equal 40amps.Don't worry I do plan to hire an electician to do whatever work I need done.

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Ron Natalie

No, absolutely not. 10 gauge can not be used for 40A. Your existing oven should be on a two-pole 30A breaker (which may be or appear to be two 30A breakers with the handles tied together). WHen they say 40A they mean a two pole 40A breaker, not 2-20A.

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Thanks for the information. We won't be getting that oven.

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So 30A with 10gauge is OK?

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Ron Natalie

Yes, 30A is fine on 10G. If the run is very long (and we're talking hundreds of feet ) you might be advised to size up, but as far as legality is concerned and most practical installations, 10G will do it.

As stated, ovens are 240V devices and will be fed by a two-pole breaker which may appear to be two single breakers tied together or one breaker that's typically twice as wide as the singles.

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