Kichler Ceiling Fan with Two (2) Dual Slide Controls

lars_2010December 19, 2010

The fan has BLUE (LIGHT), BLACK (FAN), WHITE and GROUND. The power will enter into one of the two (2) Dual Slid Controls. The power has BLACK, WHITE (NEUTRAL) and Ground. Each Controls have BLACK (FAN), BLACK/WHITE (AC IN), BLUE (LIGHT), and GROUND. Please tell me how to wire these devices so the Fan can be controlled from two locations within the room.

Will this wiring scheme work? tie BLACK (POWER) to the two (2) BLACK/WHITES (AC IN); tie WHITE (NEUTRAL) from power cable to the WHITE (FAN), tie all (3) BLUES (LIGHT) together, tie all (3) BLACKS (FAN) together, and tie all GROUNDS together then connect the ground to the mounting bracket of the fan.


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Unless the controls are specifically deigned to work as three ways (from two locations) then it won't work properly. If they will work as three ways (I don't think they will)then the control should tell you how to wire them.

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