Can controlling Christmas lights with an SSR impact their life?

w0lley32December 3, 2009

Hi! Last year, I used an Opto 22 brand solid state relay which is rated for 240V, 25A to control some strings of C-7 bulbs totalling 1250 watts. (not all plugged together but in 3 different bunches). I used 14-AWG heavy duty extension cords, and no evidences of overheating or arcing have been found, but over the month and a half that they were on (8 hours per day), I lost about 80% of my bulbs, while all my other strings controlled with Omron G7L conventional relays didn't suffer this problem (only 8-10% burned out). Could the use of the solid state relay be the culprit? Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: SSR that I used

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Should have no effect.

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