Weird phone wiring

aperson22December 8, 2012

Hey, I'm an apprentice electrician and was asked to do some phone work. I found the problem and fixed this by replacing an old phone receptacle. But when I changed it the wires weren't red, green, black, and yellow coming in it was black red and white. The black was on the green and the red on the red but the white was just connected to the receptacle. (It was a one line receptacle)So in the new receptacle I put the black on the green and the red on the red but I also put the white under the white screw. I just want to know what the white was doing in the receptacle and if it's going to do any harm where I connected it. The line seems to work fine but I can't find out what that white was for anywhere.

Thanks in advance

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Sounds to me like somebody used thermostat wire instead of phone wire. But I don't understand what you mean by connecting the wire "to the receptacle" or "under the white screw".

Standard analog phone lines just use two wires (tip and ring).

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You actual only need two wires for a phone line.

Use the red and green and ignore the white.

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