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Samantha111December 11, 2011

Can someone who knows wiring please check out my thread over in appliances?


Here is a link that might be useful: Range Install - Thread in Appliances

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Ron Natalie

Answered over in that thread. The box should be mounted to or in the wall not flopping around on the floor under the stove. The loose cabling and wad of electrical tape lead me to believe that this is some amateur hour illegal installation.

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This was done by two supposed professionals who work in commercial construction for a company (10 years). "It's stricter in commercial than residential," you know. That's what they tell me when I question things. "We've built from the ground up."

Isn't it just kind of like having a surge protector sitting on the floor though? Most of my concern is about it being placed near the warming drawer as the installation documents say not to. I'm not sure why it being loose is an issue other than it's not very professional. I don't think the stove could run over it. It was a hard wire before with that big cable stacking into the compartment. I think that was normal for its time and the only way those long cables could possibly be set up. You have to be able to pull the range in and out.

But you are right, their practices are poor. I hate to think the quality of construction companies if this how they do things there. These guys have been trained very poorly through work on job sites, imo.

They are not illegals.

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Ron Natalie

Neither of them are apparently electrical professionals.
From what little I can see, the installation is illegal.
I suspect there is even more than meets the eye (as I stated, the presence of the electrical tape is a red flag...why is it there?).

A surge protector is a cord connected appliance. A junction box to your house wiring is a complete different beast.

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"A junction box to your house wiring is a complete different beast. "

Even the stranded wire in typical cables is not rated for movement. The stranding is far to coarse.

I have a piece of left over 4/0 wire that is as limp as a macaroni noodle.
It has over 2,000 strands of #30 wire and is rated for movement (heavy and large vibration in the case used).

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I'm just trying to imagine the conversation that lead to this particular setup.

"Damn, we forgot to run the line for the stove and the drywallers are finished. I hate patching friggin drywall! Ya think the owner would notice if we just pulled the line up and left if flapping behind the stove? Oops, I snagged the insulation trying to pull it. Got any electrical tape?"

Even if you can legally tack up a wall mounted box and be code compliant, that is just substandard work. It would be like having exposed conduit running up to all your lights. Legal, sure. Acceptable in a finished kitchen, absolutely not.

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When you say illegal I take it you mean not to code?

So what type of cable is used for the hardwire installations? Not this type I take it? It's original and probably was the builder's original wiring even though a hack relocated the range years back when I moved in (many, many years ago).

I'm very surprised the electrician who inspected after I moved in and found out the guy who did the work did not have an electrical license would not have checked the range hookup. That doesn't make sense.

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Yeah, things were supposed to be done right for this poor little house this time around but apparently I have doh-dohs again. I had expected an outlet on the wall, asked why not, and he said it was better this way for pulling the range in and out (if I didn't mention that earlier). The good news is that the wall wasn't cut out in the wrong location to install it. Now it can be placed correctly.

My real concern was the warming drawer issue. They obviously do not pay much attention to things. Like details and safety. Or simple pride in workmanship!

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Every new range will come with instructions about the allowable placement of the outlet. As long as you follow that, you'll be fine.

Personally, I wouldn't let anyone who did work like this back in my house. I'd cut my losses and find someone who cares about their reputation.

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"Even if you can legally tack up a wall mounted box and be code compliant..."

If the box is otherwise code acceptable wall mounted is fine.

Hundreds (if not thousands) of dryers use a wall mounted receptacle.

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