Switch wont work

amschwarzDecember 6, 2009

I have wired my entire basement and do understand the basics of electrical wiring.

I have two seperate switches each controlling a different set of lights, light set 1 controls cans and light set 2 controls a track light. Both switches are connected seperately to the supply in the juntion box above in the joists. Also in the junction box there is another line of romex running to an outlet on the wall. Then each switch is wired to its corresponding lights with the whites connected behind the switches, blacks wired to the switches and grounds wired to the switches. In the junction box I have the blacks all connected, whites all connected and grounds all connected.

The outlet on the wall works properly, light set 1 works properly, but light set 2 does not light up. It does however have power (I tested with a tester) at the switch and at the light, just no light.

Everything seems to be wired properly according to my understanding. Very strange.

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assuming you're familiar with testing and using a meter....

Disconnect the light fixture that is not working, turn the switch on, test between the hot and neutral, if you have 120 volts your fixture is bad. If you do not have 120 between hot and neutral but do between hot and ground you have a loose neutral going to the fixture. If you have no power at all, you have something wrong in your make up at the switch.

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Set 2 is the trac lights right? Maybe its the "live-end" thats not working properly.

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we do not have a meter, so I do not know what you are referring to...

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What kind of "tester" did you use? Something like a non-contact voltage tester (the kind of thing that looks like a pen and light up when you get near a "hot" wire) isn't the tool to use to accurately diagnose your problem. A basic analog multi-meter would be more useful.

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yes a non contact tester. Should all whites in the swtch box be connected, even the whites from lights1 connected to whites from lights 2

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Yes all the whites should be connected togethre in the swithc box. Check that connection. Sometimes they look connected but one wire didn't get into the wire nut properly.

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