Additional wires in subpanel feed conduit?

Bob_on_JennysCreekDecember 4, 2012

I installed a sub-panel in our garage/barn. 100 amps. Put 2-2-2-4 mobile home service cable in 2 inch conduit. Now I would like to connect my backup generator at the barn instead of the house. (outside) I have an interlock on the main panel, so would need to run #10 wire (for 30 amps) between the generator input plug box (to be moved to the barn) and the main panel. About 70 feet. Here's the question--can I run the wire from the barn to the main panel in the 2" conduit which feeds the sub-panel. Of course, the #10 wire from the main panel would have no connection in the sub-panel. I just would like to use the conduit. Thanks.

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Ron Natalie

There's no prohibition on running unrelated things like this in the same conduit if that is what you are asking.

You have two issues however. One is regulatory and the other is practical.

The regulatory issue is conduit fill. I'm not going to work it out but I suspect you're OK. You can typically get 8 #2 wires into a 2" conduit legitimately.

The practical matter is I assume you already have the cable in the conduit you will probably find it daunting to pull additional #10's through there.

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Thanks for the info, and yup, you're probably right about pulling the #10s. Could be a bad day.

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