How do I remove this electrical box?

faithinhumanityDecember 2, 2013

It's in my kitchen. I'm assuming that the left side of the box is a bracket of some sort.

The box had a regular outlet and with a new GFCI (slim line) the wires won't fit. (It's next to the sink in case someone is curious).

How do I remove this without destroying the wall?


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If your goal is to GFCI protect the receptacles in your kitchen, you can do that either with GFCI receptacles upstream (if they have larger boxes) or a GFCI circuit breaker for the entire circuit. The breaker might be your better/faster choice rather than cutting out the box and putting in an old work box.

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Ron Natalie

They also make skinnier GFCI's that may fit better.
See the attached link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Leviton Slim GFCI

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Another simple option is to add an outlet extension. Its not that attractive, but will give you the space you need. They sell them in various thicknesses at Home Depot and Lowes.


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ronnatalie, that GFCI in my OP is a slim line version.

bcarlson78248, I've seen the extenders but how would I cover it properly on a flat drywall surface?

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