wiring two lights from one switch through a junction box

XiegpiDecember 30, 2011


I am doing some renovations and am planning on changing the electrical layout. I will be wiring two lights off of one switch, with the power coming in through the switch and then going to the lights. The wire from the switch to the lights will go through the attic and the light fixtures are on opposite sides of the room. To save time and wire, I would rather not have to run a wire to light one and then another wire from light one to light two. I would rather go from the switch to a junction box and then send one wire to each light. My question is: How do I wire the junction box with the three cables? Is it simply black to black, white to white, or do I need to need to make a loop, using the white as a hot wire.

Thanks for your input.

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Electrically, and assuming everything in the system is switched together (i.e. no unswitched loads), your hots (black) will all be joined. Your neutrals (white) will all be joined, and your grounds will all be connected to each other and any boxes in the system that are metal.

Assuming you want it to meet code, you cannot have junction boxes that are inaccessible (i.e beneath an attic floor or buried in insulation).


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