how were your plug molds wired?

lcskaisgirDecember 11, 2013

My electrician is telling me that they will have to create a false bottom on the inside of my cabinet to accommodate the wires necessary to hook up plug molds under my cabinets. Has anyone ever heard of this or does anyone have any better suggestions? The other option was to have to plug molds mounted flat against the wall (with outlets facing out).

Any advice would be greatly appreciated :)

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Ron Natalie

I assume we're talking the uppers. I don't know why a false bottom would be required. At worst, you may have a box on one end of the run protruding into the "inside" of the cabinet (but even then I suspect there are ways around it). Unless you're cabinet is so thin on the bottom that the mounting screws with protrude into the cabinet. Still there are probably ways around that (is there also a lighting valence?).

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It is because of the romex which must be covered in conduit which has to fed through the top (not the end) of the wire mold. There are also led light bars being mounted under the cabinets.

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Ron Natalie

It still makes no sense. There's no requirement for romex to be "covered by conduit." At most a junction box to join the plug mold to the NM.

Typically the NM comes out of the wall at the level of the bottom of the cabinet and the connection is made within the plug mold itself.

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Are you using an end fitting at the end of the Plugmold to connect the Romex?

Here is a link that might be useful: Plugmold End Feed Fitting

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Yes dennisgli!! After much research and help from people here, on the kitchen forum, and calling wiremold directly I finally figured out that they could use those instead of running it through the top. I only wish they would have known about the end fittings to begin withâ¦

Thank you!!

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