Male to male extension cord?

aerofan999December 2, 2008

I goofed in running the Christmas lights and don't want to undo them. Is there such a thing as a male-to-male extension cord and if so, where can I find one? Thanks,


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Yes, there is such a thing, the common name for what you describe is a "suicide cord". Fortunately, they are not commercially produced, you will probably have to make your own if you want one.

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And even if you want one........


They are not called suicide cords for nothing!

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Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk... I remember winding up in that situ many many Christmases ago... Yep, NO UL LISTING there, had to make my own cord. Later on, it became a comedy prop at family get togethers, LMAO!

Given the obvious danger posed, if you do end up making and using a suicide cord, please tape up the dangerous end to the light string with RED electrical tape!

Presumably, you will also wind up with one (or more) light strings with a suicide male plug on the end, so... TAPE THAT UP TOO!! DON'T BECOME A CAUTIONARY TALE!! For the love of Gawwwwwd, GET THE RED TAPE! ;')

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It is really easy to become distracted and tape the wrong end. Please take the time to make it right. It is this stuff that seems so simple and innocent that makes people so very dead. One little mistake plugging and unplugging and it will separate your mind from your spirit immediately.

I know it will probably be a pain in the butt to make it right.. but you won't forget it next time!


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Ah baloney, all you need is one of these. Just make sure it's one that's GFCI protected if you're going to install it outside.

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Please, do NOT make a suicide cord. If it comes unplugged, that make end will be live, and any person who touches it may not me afterward.

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why not jsut run a regular cord around to teh male end of the misstrung lights?

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Ron Natalie

A GFCI will do you no good if you place yourself between the hot and the neutral on the circuit it protects.

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I had no idea this was such a hazardous situation. I will NOT be making anything called a suicide cord!!! I'll restring the lights. Thanks for imparting wisdom and safety.

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Ron Natalie


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