Is there a code-legal way to conceal a box?

kudzu9December 7, 2013

I'm putting a small bathroom in the corner of a finished room. Where the back wall of the tiled shower will be is a receptacle box. It's in the middle of a run so whatever I do with it means I will have to worry about what's downstream from it. I know all about why you don't bury boxes, so I was prepared to take out some pretty big sections of drywall to rewire. However, I have a friend in the construction trade and he said that it is now legal to conceal a box under certain conditions as long as the wires in the box are connected with some new kind of splice/crimp.

Can someone please comment on whether this is in fact true/legal and, if so, where can I find some more info?

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Friend is wrong. A provision similar to that applies to HUD code dwellings-- but not to your situation. Is that wall an outside wall? If an inside wall. can the box face that other side?

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Ron Natalie

There are some connectors (AMP) that are approved in certain circumstances, you don't even need a box, but I have to say they are not without issues. I would try to relocate the wires if at all possible. Drywall is easy to patch.

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Thanks, guys. It's an outside wall, so I'll do it the old-fashioned way and relocate it.

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