decent quality post lamp

homeboundDecember 28, 2012

Client asking for suggestions. Off the shelf, do the big box stores offer a decent quality post lamp and matching outdoor lamp for an entry?...or are they junk that won't hold up? For example, if "H@mpton Bay lighting is anything like their plumbing stuff, I'd have to avoid it. Any thoughts?

Also, what "good value" brands can you recommend?

Thanks much.

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I ended up referring them to the nearest electrical supply w/ showroom.

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Use rough service bulbs.

Wind vibration is a real killer of post mounted bulbs.

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Good point on the lamps (bulbs). I had used the wrong terminology and was actually referring to the quality of the fixture.

On a separate note, another client had a faulty post-mounted fixture and also a matching exterior house light, both with copper housings and beveled glass, etc. We took them to get rewired (new wire and sockets) at a local lamp shop (Lamplighter in Old Town, Alex) and they're back in working order. Repairs are a inexpensive alternative that seem to be forgotten all too often.

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