Need a deeper metal switchbox

bloganDecember 19, 2010

Hello, help please. How can I add depth to a metal cut-in switchbox in a lath/plaster wall? I have added a bathroom heater/fan/light, with multi-function switch. I used a metal box with 14-2 w/ground MC cable. This switch requires 11 wires coming into the box in addition to a few pigtails on the switch, and all that doesn't fit into the 2-1/2" deep switchbox. Someone suggested I use a "battleship" (aka "box support"?), so I purchased one for about a buck, but I can't figure out how to use it. It's actually a 2-Gang box because I'm putting another switch in it, as well. Any tips on another approach or how to use a battleship would be appreciated.

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A battle ship will do nothing to add depth. I thought gangable metal boxes were available over 3 inches deep. I know some practically touch the sheet rock on the next wall over. As to the fill, you should be able to wire it with 14/2 feeding in, a 14/2 to the light on the other switch, a 14/2 to the heater, and a 14/3 for the fan/ light. That should fit properly in the deepest size metal box ganged together for 2 gang.

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Switch to a square box and use a mud ring as needed.

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