Using Earth Ground as Neutral

TylerM784December 30, 2011


I have a light switch that I am trying to rig up with a remote, and this requires some digital logic. The wire that is coming into the light switch is not using the bare copper earth ground, and I was wondering if it is safe to wire the other end of this to neutral so that I can ground the logic in the light switch.


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does your plans put current on the bare ground?
if so..then NO!
the bare wire in the switch should be tied to the case of the switch. too many times it not.

if I understand what you're won't help..
the bare gnd and neutral are the same point electrically, until there is a fault.
the bare gnd wire and Neutral(white wire) are bonded at the service panel.

however, you can use the Neutral wire as the logic ground. it does carry current and should read 0 volts relative to the bare wire ground


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That's what I was thinking, but wanted to ask to get confirmation.

Thank you!

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