grounding switch and outlet together

chfarm07December 13, 2009

I added an outlet into a double box from a single switch box. the switch works to the light but the gfi outlet doesn't. the outlet shows power (because the green light is on)but once i have anything plugged into it it doesn't work. do i have to run a ground wire between the switch and the outlet?

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Absolutely NO way to tell with the information given.

How did you wire it?
What wires were in the switch box?
The ground has nothing to do with the receptacle working.

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"The ground has nothing to do with the receptacle working."

Agreed! A GFCI outlet will work just fine without a ground. (I'm not saying you shouldn't connect the ground wire; you should! Jes sayin...)

Some new GFCI receptacles behave in a counterintuitive way when they're first installed. Namely, if you mis-wire the hot and neutral feeds to the LOAD side instead of the LINE side, the green light will initially come on, but the receptacle will appear dead.

Only after the receptacle is correctly installed AND TESTED will the outlet work as you would expect. (And, yes, doing a test/reset cycle is part of the process. The light behaves differently after the initial test, after which the LED is only green when power is recognized from the correct source.)

As Petey noted, there isn't enough info to diagnosis this with certainty, but that's my first hunch. Are you sure you wired the black and white feeds to the LINE side terminals?

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