lighting layout

bob22_growDecember 16, 2006

Installing 5 fluorescent fixtures in my attached garage.

See attached illustration; Yellow areas indicate lights.

Lights are five feet apart.

Is this layout maximizing the light most effectively or would i get better reflective value if lights were turned 90 degrees and running lengthwise from front to rear of garage?

Any other options appreciated.

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Door goes up and hides a couple of those fixts. Hopefully you have clearance. Hopefully you dont need to see too well into those cabinets at night with the door up. But otherwise looks fine. I'd probably use two switches, one light only on one for general use.

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The space is roughly square. In terms of general illumination, I don't see how it could make a whole lot of difference which way you orient the fixtures.

If your door has windows in it, position the lights so they're right above the windows when the door is raised.

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