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svsvsvDecember 5, 2011

hello...i am wiring a bathroom with a 3 switch rocker and an outlet with 2 plugs in a 2 gang box. power is coming in from the ceiling via 2 wire. I have the rocker powering a fan, light and sconce. this is all wired correctly and working properly. what i cannot figure out is how to wire the electrical outlet within this same box. i am looking for assistance on how to complete this. currently the way i have it wired my tester is saying their is an open neutral in the outlet. i have checked all wires, nuts and connections and nothing seems to be incorrect.

any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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If the incoming 2wire is actually a hot and neutral, simply feed the receptacle hot side from the hot coming in on the 2 wire. In turn, tie the receptacle neutral side to incoming neutral wire. All of these connections should happen before the 3 gang switch to keep things simple, in my opinion. If you added the 3 wire, the original 2 wire may have been a switch loop. That means it was a feed and return. Not connected to the neutral in the fixture/device box before going down to the switch. Might check that out if that is the case.

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Just wanted to clarify some of my language.

There is a hot and a neutral (2 wires total) coming in to the gang box from the ceiling. Then I have (3) 2 wires going out to the light, sconce and ceiling fan respectively all of which are operating properly. Tying in the outlet in the gang box to this set up is where my issue lies. Thanks for the assistance.

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