Lightbulbs banned by new law ?

chefwongDecember 21, 2009

Went to pick up some 75W R20, etc etc. Guy on the counter advised there was some new law intact that various light bulbs of various wattages are not allowed to be sold anymore. What gives. Anyone care to shed some light or more info on this so called new law ?

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google "incandescent bulb phase out". Supposed to happen over the next couple years, and local areas may pass laws to speed it up.

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On another note, last year a guy at Home Depot in electrical told me they were selling off their remaining stock of T12 fluorescent fixtures and moving to ones with thinner tubes (T8 etc). Probably similar thing will happen with the incandescent bulbs, it'll take time but it will happen.

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Ron Natalie

Incandescent isn't being phased out strictly. The Tungsten-Halogen bulbs meet the efficiency requirement. 90% of the uses can deal with CFL's which are way better than the even the new law requires. Hopefully, the woeful quality of the CFL's will improve with more demand/production.

California not only phased out the bulbs, they require you to install fixtures in many places that you can't even stick an old-style bulb into.

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Problems with CFLs that are often overlooked. The law makers don't see the repercusions of their acts. They only see let's go green.
Don't work with standard dimmers.
Don't work with timers that don't have a neutral in the box(switch loops). They flicker when off.
Don't work with many motion sensors.
Poor performance in cold.
Don't fit many fixtures.

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What absolutely drives me insane/angry about CFL's is that everyone rants and raves about "going green" and how wonderful they are for the earth, and yet they contain mercury.

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Ron Natalie

Some do some don't. Don't think your traditional incandescent ones are all mercury/heavy metal free either.

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I can no longer find 150 watt floodlight bulbs here in Massachusetts. They are now 90-100 watts max.

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Ron Natalie

It's almost impossible to find anything other than the commonly used sizes in the store. or other online suppliers are your best bet.

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Whatever incandescent bulb you can't find in a local store can be found on the internet. They aren't going to disappear that quickly.

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As someone mentioned one of my complaints about CFL's is quality. I picked up, I think the brand was NeoVision, at Home Depot. It was the only CFL they had that was the "equivalent" of 150 watt incandescent because I had intended to use it as a reading lamp. The thing buzzed horribly.

My other big complaint is the lack of consistent information about color temperature. I've seen lamps labeled cool white, warm white, daylight, and "craft" without necessarily a corresponding number.

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Ron Natalie

Again, if you buy lamps at the borgs you're going to get crap.
Go to one of the internet suppliers (I already listed the one I deal with) to get a better quality of CFL ballast and color temperatures and better color temperature selection. My wife uses 85W (that's 300W equiv) full spectrum bulbs for her (legal I swear) grow operation.

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Borgs - that is great, had to read that twice before I got it. I just may have to start using that term for them!

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