Wiring 10-3 for stove to breaker panel

Mr.BeanDecember 15, 2013

30 amp, 120 V supply to 4-prong plug at stove. I am about to connect this to the breaker but am confused by what to do with the extra, red leg? Breaker is a two-pole 30 amp.
White and ground to the neutral bar in the panel as usual. What next and why? Not sure I understand the purpose of the red wire. I've done 4-wire in 220V installations before but not for 120V. Sorry if this is a stupid question and many thanks to those who are kind enough to explain this to me.

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Let's call it a range. Need more information. Please tell us the brand name and the electrical information on the name plate of the range. Please identify the plug from the NEMA chart and post that back to this thread.

Here is a link that might be useful: NEMA

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Range it is. And stupid I am. Rechecked the installation guide, and it states 30 amp, 240V, so red and black are both hot and go one to each of the screws on the two-pole breaker. Kind of you to post the NEMA chart link. That's useful. I run into a lot of different electrical connections at work and need to know their names. Thank you!

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