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bus_driverDecember 19, 2012

From another forum: "(by Mariah [SD]) Posted on: Dec 19, 2012 11:41 AM

I had the old fuse panel in my rental unit (triplex) upgraded and the electrician needed to install a new meter box, which included relocating it. (Note, there were multiple places to relocate it to.) The work was done a few months ago without me being able to see it since I'm not in the area. It was signed off by the city and I thought things were good.

Now, I had a tenant want to move out and found that where they placed the new meter box significantly blocks the entrance to the unit. The doorway wasn't terribly wide before, but with the meter box there is only about 14-15 in. to pass through.

My tenant found she is trapped as she can't move any furniture or larger items through the 14-15 in. gap. First, I called the electrician and they said to get lost because the city signed off on it.

I then called the city and they claim it's fully to code and there is nothing they will do. He said it needs 36" in front and 36" to the left of the box and the fact that it's right there in a doorway doesn't matter.

I'd like to get input from some online experts if possible. It doesn't seem reasonable that they could sign off on blocking the only entrance to a building in such a manner."

Electricians should consider themselves to be professionals and act accordingly. This hurts reputations of the good ones.


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If it is legal and has 36" clearance, how is there only 15" of room to pass through? A diagram would be helpful.

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My guess is that it is a surface mount that impedes the swing of the door, and the door is less than 36" from the right side of the box.

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Might violate building codes by making the door narrower than allowed as an egress exit.

There is more than one code that must be complied with.

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The people that did the work are obviously clowns.

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