Connecting Neutral Wires in a Multi-Gang J-Box

Tom PultzDecember 10, 2009

I'm going to have several 3-gang j-boxes with various dimmers, remote dimmers, and circuits.

One of them will have 3-way and 4-way master/remote dimmers for the dining room table light, dining room table accent lights, and kitchen recessed lights. This j-box is the load side.

Dining room dimmers 1 and 2 will be on the same breaker... the kitchen dimmer on another.

I could wire-nut each pair of neutrals separately... or to save some space in the box I should also be able to wire-nut the four neutrals for the same circuit together, correct? If I do that the returning current should split between the two legs.

Is there a preferred or required way to wire the neutrals?


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Do not cross connect the neutrals of different circuits. Each hot from the breaker should have its own neutral that is joined to the others only within the breaker box, so that the return current is always close to the hot.

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