Will this be safe?

ms_minnamouseDecember 15, 2011

PLEASE only answer if you are really sure of an answer and really know what you're talking about! I don't mean to sound rude but I'm terrified of electrocuting a dog and want to make sure that this is completely safe for grooming.

I have a 1/2 hp utility pump for dog bathing purposes, it's supposed to sit in the tub with the dog with some water. The bathroom that I wash dogs in does not have a GFCI outlet. The cord from the pump also doesn't reach all the way from the outlet to the tub.

So is it safe to use a GFCI extension cord? Or would it only be safe if the wall outlet is GFCI as well?

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A GFCI extension cord will provide the same level of protection as a wall mounted GFCI.

You may have nuisance tripping of the GFCI when the pump starts and stops though.

The magnetic field build up and collapse in the motor as it starts and stops can cause enough current on the ground, or current mismatch on the hot and neutral, to trip the GFCI device.
The current sensitivity is about 0.006 amps, 6 thousandths of an amp.

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Ron Natalie

I will confirm that Brick knows what he is talking about.
The GFCI will protect the pump, the dog, etc, that is plugged into it. They pretty much mandate the cords for hair dryers and things that people use near a sink/tub have them inline as well.

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Be sure to test your GFCI now and again.

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Thanks for the advice!

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