1 second delay between lights on same switch - dangerous?

myrtle_59December 24, 2009

We had an electrician put two ceiling lights in the bathroom which had none. They added one new switch to control both. When I turn it on, the first ceiling light comes on immediately and a second later the second one over the tub comes on. They are not 6 feet apart. Then if I turn them off and turn them on again there is no delay the second time. But if I wait a while the whole process repeats itself.

Why is this? Is it dangerous? Do I need to call them back? They were electricians, not handymen who did this.

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Ron Natalie

Are they fluorescent of some sort, if so, that's not too surprising.

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No, they are incandescent, just ordinary can lights, one over the tub is covered the other in the ceiling bare.

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Since you imply that the bulbs are identical (i.e., ordinary incandescent), why not swap bulbs and see what happens?

If you get the same result, you will have helped isolate what is going on here.

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You know, come to think of it they may not be identical. It is possible the covered bulb over the tub is florescent. Since I can't see it because of the cover I don't know. I will look at that first. Maybe that is the answer. The electrician supplied the bulbs. Now, how do I get the cover off?

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Call the electrician and ask them this question. They will be able to tell you what kind of bulb and you don't have to undo the cover or worry anymore.

We have two lights on a switch that do the exact same thing, first one is incandescent and second one is a fluorescent twist bulb.

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I just checked. It IS florescent! So that delay is normal with florescent ? I'm relieved! Thanks!

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Ron Natalie

Yeah, fluorescents can take anywhere from zero to a second to start up. They even get slower as they get older.

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