What would cause this ?

LybanDecember 18, 2009

I have a home that was built in 1944-45.

I just bought it and there was no plug in upstairs bathroom.

The ground floor and basement have been renovated but not much was done to top floor.

There is a new 200amp panel on ground floor with room for expansion.

Found out no ground faults in the upstairs. so a retired electrician I know who charges only 30.00 an hour which is all I can spend right now came in and installed a new panel in my panel box then ran a ground fault wire from the ground floor up to the top floor and installed a new ground outlet in the bathroom. also put the switch to turn overhead lamp on the same wire and the fan.

Now it was a big 10 hour job because of the problems getting the wire up but it is done now.

But now when I turn the bathroom light on sometimes it will not work and I have to push the reset light on outlet to then have it work and yet I do not have anything plugged into outlet.

I am probably not explaining this very well but if anyone understands my ramblings please respond. Is this normal?


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I'll assume your retired electrician knew what he was doing. Making that assumption, you paid him $300 in labor, so get him to come back and troubleshoot his handy work.
Something is tripping the GFCI receptacle in the bathroom. It could be caused by many different scenarios. This is NOT normal.

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Tom Pultz

Per code the light and fan should be on a separate circuit from the receptacle outlet in the bath. However, if the electrician put them on the same circuit the least he could have done was to put the light and fan on the LINE side of the GFIC instead of the LOAD side so it would not be affected tripping of the GFIC.

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Maybe I'm wrong but I believe everything in a bathroom can be on one circuit as long as that circuit serves ONLY that bathroom. It's probably not the best designed to have the light go out when the GFCI trips.

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"Maybe I'm wrong but I believe everything in a bathroom can be on one circuit as long as that circuit serves ONLY that bathroom."

you are correct

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I did pay the electrician 300.00 but I cannot get him back because he left now for the winter in the warmer climates of Florida.
Is this a dangerous situation. It has only been done a week and the light not working only happened once so far. I was in the bathroom and used the light only, no fan nothing plugged into outlet for about one hour while soaking in tub. Then I left bathroom,turned out light and when I realized I had forgotten something in there went right back in and turned on the light and that is when it would not work. after pushing the reset button on outlet , the light then worked. Should I be worried that something is dangerous?

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"Should I be worried that something is dangerous?"

Maybe, maybe not. It could be a defective GFCI or something miswired. No one can tell without a picture or inspection. Something tripped the GFCI.

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