Style of Lamp - Traditional or Transitional?

dakota01September 18, 2012

My family room is what I consider transitional in style. I saw these lamps and I would like to use them on a sofa table that is iron with gold accents.

I thought they would give me alittle bling !

What style do you consdier these?

Do you think the crystals would create alittle twinkle when the lighbulb hits them?

Thanks -

Here is a link that might be useful: Lamps

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Christy Bell

I think you could get away with it either way. They are so unique and certainly give you the bling!!!

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Thanks Christy - I thought if they don't work, maybe I could use them elsewhere in my home. I just think they are soooo pretty.
My eye is always drawn to traditional - but, I want to be transitional, so I have a hard time purchasing items correctly.

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Isn't transitional a mixture of traditional and contemporary? So it seems to me that even if these lamps lean traditional (they do lean kind of traditional and formal in my opinion), that's ok. As long as you have other elements in the room that are less traditional, they shouldn't change your whole space from transitional to traditional.

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Those are traditional... all the way IMO. Nothing contemporary about them. But, prickly is right, transitional is a marriage of traditional and contemporary. Key word may be marriage, and those aren't a marriage of the two IMO.

If you like traditional, and are drawn that way, why fight it? I'm mostly contemporary, with a hint of traditional, so transitional, and that lamp would not fit my decor at all.

Good luck. I'm just wondering if you shouldn't go traditional if that is what you like. Why try for a square peg in a round hole? I'm not traditional, and would never try to pull it off because 1) I wouldn't be able to pull it off well, and 2) I wouldn't be happy living in it. Go with what your eye is drawn to would be my advice.

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Thanks Beeps - I'm fighting the traditional look because I've had to for 20+ years and I'm tired of the look. I want a more modern look - but not a full blown contemporary look.
Iguess I need to pass on those very pretty lamps. I probably wanted them to be transitional even tho I knew they weren't. LOL

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Sorry. Yes, if you want something more modern, those lamps aren't the ones. Think clean lines, not too much fancy stuff, and easy to dust. :) Now you are more in the transitional realm.

I just searched on Lamps Plus for transitional lamps and they had a ton. Once I searched for a gold finish there were far fewer, and I wouldn't consider most of them transitional. Transitional is more frequently silver tones, and maybe wood too? Not sure. You could even do a crystal lamp with cleaner lines.

Maybe if you start a new post with a pic of your table and a request for suggestions for a transitional lamp people can help you out. You know how we love to shop and spend other GWers money! :)

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beeps - thanks for your comments and suggestions.
My new console table is being made - so I don't have pics yet.
Even though my console will have some gold tones - the lines and iron work are not what I consider traditional or tuscany. I'm thinking I should be looking for something in ceramic or resin (which is what many lamps are now made of ) maybe in a color to coordinate w/my fabrics.

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Oh! Fun that you are having it made so that it will be just what you want! Ceramic, resin, glass, crystal, lots of choices. Good luck! And good luck changing styles. I know how hard that would be for me. I could go from contemporary to modern because that isn't too big a leap, but it would be hard for me to go to traditional.

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It would depend on your furnishings but it screams traditional which is lovely but, if you want to veer away from that, you might need to go in another direction. Go to Google and search for transitional rooms and then click on images. You'll find lots of inspiration in the photos to guide you to attain the look you're aspiring to have. It's not easy but it's worth it.

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Annie Deighnaugh

Absolutely beautiful. I think it works well for traditional or transitional. Just don't ask me to clean that puppy!

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I too am mostly traditional but want to break away from the traditional traditional (if you know what i mean). I think the key is to have some fun with it-- and these lamps are surely fun and unexpected.

The other way I will veer a bit from the traditional is to incorporate some more contemporary furniture-- straight lines in my sofa, a modern or contemporary chair tossed into the mix, contemporary artwork--fresher fabrics and pillows. I dont think it takes much to mix it up a bit in your rooms to start leaning transitional.

The key for me is to keep it fun and interesting-- but comfortable. Beeps really said it well.. you need to live there. You can't push in a direction you won't be comfortable. I found that I was happy with my traditional style when I mixed it with some bright colors (I had tended to the dark and brooding earthy tones). I added a few bits of a bright cheery green in my traditional leather living room and I was delighted. I thought I wanted some more contemporary touches-- but when I added a few blingy traditional pieces (mirrored in my case), that was enough! If the lamps delight you (as they seem to do), make them work on the new table or in another room. They have the kind of bling that would make me smile each day.

Do share a photo of your table or one similar if you'd like input on the lamps.. or the whole room if you'd like ideas on how to make it more transitional.. but never lose sight of what you like!

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I have totally changed the color scheme of my new house - out w/the old furniture and in w/new styles and new colors.
I like my new color choices old family room had saddle colored leather, olive greens and some rich purples. I loved those colors but I needed a change.
New colors are teal/muted turquise, yellows, golds, and brighter greens. Most furniture does have cleaner/straighter lines. But, with a little bling using antiqued gold/brushed and bronze accents. Also, some mirroed pieces thrown in.
It's a slow process - but, I am buying pieces that I truly like.
Since my hardwood floors are pretty dark, my furniture pices are lighter woods and colors.
I will try to post some pics -links of what I have so far.
New floor lamp -

Here is a link that might be useful: floor lamp

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That's a pretty and fun new floor lamp! Sounds like it will go well with what you have going on in your new family room. It is hard to break out of our comfort zones, so I give you credit for doing so!

(Mostly OT - I walked into a very funky and modern furniture store over the weekend. I love going in there but a lot of the things are a bit too modern for my home and the quality isn't great. Plus, I simply don't need a new dining room table or sofa. But, I am building a new home and will need some bar stools. I had been thinking of your basic black, brown, or probably grey bar stools for the new house. Grey is the neutral in my new build. I had been thinking I might try red to get me out of my comfort zone but am just not sure how red will look with my granite. And my granite is now out of state so I can't go see it. Anyway, I walked into this furniture store and was completely taken with some Tiffany Blue bar stools. It was the only Tiffany Blue anything in the store, but now I know that's what I have to have. It will look great with the espresso wood and gray flooring and will give the room some color. So, I agree with doing what you love. What totally captures your eye. Way OT ;) - then I went to get a pedicure, and I usually get something dark - burgundy, gray, maybe purple... and I figured if I can buy bar stools out of my comfort zone surely I could do my toes out of my comfort zone. They will be so much easier to change! So, I have lovely Tiffany Blue toes now. =) Making sure I like to color before I commit to bar stools! :o) I have gotten comments too... like, wow, pretty color but that's awfully bright for you! =) I guess they look ok though because the woman in the chair next to me decided to do hers the same color. :)

Have fun. Get what you love. And post more pics! :)

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