120AC and Low Voltage Routed Together?

cz9h3dDecember 7, 2012

I've read where you don't want to run 120AC lines next to low voltage due to interference (i.e. for phone lines, Ethernet, etc)

I'm installing 24V undercabinet lighting, using a dimable transformer. I want to run a couple low voltage lines to a wall switch to enable turning on/off my 2 zones of lights (i.e. these would be 24V lines out of the transformer, passing through a switch before they get to their zone). I currently have them routed through one wall stud with 2 120AC lines. Should I reroute them, to be further away from each other? Does it matter for this application (i.e. not a phone or ethernet line).

It's high-quality low voltage wire, fully jacketed for in-wall use.

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You're talking 24VAC? No problems.

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"next to" is not a problem.

In the same conduit requires all insulation be rated to the highest voltage preset.

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