2 ovens 240/20 & 240/30 on 1 line 240/50

l1234December 11, 2009

I have two ovens (Miele h4080 240/20 and H4880 240/30). They are not a single combo, but have two separate wips. I have wall open to studs and do not know what to wire.

My preferred way would be to run #6 240/50 4-wire line and connect two receptacles. What the code requires. Do I have to run 2 separate lines? Had these ovens were a factory combo - they would have 1 plug, but they do not make a combo like that with these two?

If I can have one 240/50 line - how do I connect two receptacles or does a dual receptacle exists for #6 cable?

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Each appliance must be on its own dedicated circuit. How would you have overcurrent protection for the 20A and separate 30A appliances with a 60A breaker?

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Sounds logical - but I think over-current protection is more for the circuit wire than for the appliance. Appliances usually have their own over-current protection. On the other hand when there is double oven combo unit comprising 2x 30A ovens it operates on a single 60A circuit panel breaker protecting single line.
Confusing enough - forget logic forget physics - what the law requires?

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Sounds logical to me. I don't have a code book nearby. Hopefully someone else can comment on code requirement.

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What do the installation instructions for the ovens say?

If they say 'require' for a separate circuit, the NEC says you must follow the manufacturer's instructions.

The issue is is the appliance wiring sufficient to carry a fault current to trip the larger breaker?

The internal wiring needs to be able to carry at least the breaker rating to avoid the appliance conductors acting as a fuse before the breaker can trip.

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