4 wires going to 3 wire 220 outlet, can I make it a 4 wire outlet

jcasertaDecember 12, 2009


So I'm replacing an old electric clothes dryer. The existing outlet has four wires going to it (red black white and bare). The outlet style is a 3 wire outlet NEMA "10-20" like shown here - http://www.stayonline.com/reference-nema-straight-blade.aspx. The red, white, and black are wired to terminals and the bare wire is attached to the metal frame around the receptacle. Can I wire these four wires to a new four wire receptacle for my new dryer? Is there a way to test to make sure they're all hooked up right at the junction box (I have a multimeter)? I'm a little nervous since it wasn't a four wire outlet before that maybe one of the wires isn't hooked up at the junction box or something.

Thanks for any help!

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You need to check both ends of the cable (and any boxes is passes through) to make sure the connections have been made correctly.

If they re, you are fine.

Under the grandfather rules of the NEC you may continue to use the circuit as a 3-wire as long as it is not altered.

Dryers all come with instructions for both 3-wire and 4-wire installation.

You just need the correct cord.

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