Matching Lamps?

OakleySeptember 21, 2012

The picture below was taken during the remodel. All of the furniture is different now except the sofa, end tables and matching lamps. Unfortunately I bought the lamps before I knew we were going to remodel. It's obvious they don't match, but I've been busy buying other lamps for various places in the LR.

In my particular set-up, should the lamps match? My instinct says "yes." But I know people here like lamps that don't match.

I'm literally stuck on what to do. If any of you have pictures of a similar furniture arrangement with lamps that don't match, I'd love to see a picture to give me some ideas!

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Pretty lamps. I don't think they compliment your sofa though.

I bet a metal finish lamp would work better.


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Maddie, yesterday I was in my dh's office and noticed he has this fantastic pewter lamp and thought it would be better in my LR. lol.

But do I want matching or have them be the same? That's my predicament.

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You can go either way, matching is always acceptable and having two different ones work too if you know how to stage it so that they work with each other.

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My personal preference is for them to match when there is just two lamps flanking a couch like in your setup. I feel it pulls the room together better. But if you're someone with a good eye who could pull off a non-matching set, I'm sure it could work if that's what you prefer. I know I'd likely mess it up haha.

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Oakley can you show us a current picture of the exact same view. I know I have seen more current pictures, but can't remember exactly how it looks.

The reason I am asking - you have mentioned using some white pieces, etc to lighten up your room. From what I can see, I like the lighter contrast of the ceramic look with your light table, but just can't see the floral pattern close enough to say. A metal may get "lost" in the look.

Wow - just realized that is an older picture - without your beautiful floors and rug! Show us something current.


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I wouldn't like having the lamps not match.

I'm like jlnick, I feel like I'd mess up a non-matching set!

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I think it's easier to pull off if they match.

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Yeah, I think matching is best since it's a grouping. And I know I couldn't pull off two lamps that don't match. lol.

Tuesday, I have a row of crocks on the FP, almost the same color as the coffee table (which is still there, btw) and the cream color of the crocks look really nice, IMO. I do have a dark red barn star in the middle of the mantel though.

Let's ignore the flowers on the lamps, does the style of the lamp go well with the room? I simply can't tell anymore. If so, I could always paint them. The room is kind of rustic/old world. Kind of. lol

I'll look to see if I have another picture on this computer, I don't think I've taken any since Christmas!

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Speaking of white, with a lot of thought I bought a large white Christmas tree w/matching garland for the mantel. It's perfect for the room! Anything darker would have been swallowed up. lol

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I like the matching lamps. Better than I would a metal in your room.

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Here's the thing.. as you've said before, you've mixed styles, woodtones, etc. in this room and you love the cozy result. I wouldnt be too wound up with lamps that match-- but what *I* think is critical is that they are the same height (if they are in this configuration, flanking the sofa). That could be a challenge-- so if you found one lamp that works, I'd just buy two! :)

I don't dislike your current lamps.. They are ok in the room but they do seem to be a little bit too sweet and precious for a the style of the sofa and what I remember of your fireplace wall. If it was my room, I'd keep my eye out for a lamp style but I wouldnt invest a weekend in finding one-- unless I got a wild hair (which has been known to happen).

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I have five lamps in my LR and none match. I see your
end tables don't match, (mine don't match as well) so you could pull off the
un-matched lamps easily. I love lamps,
that's why I prefer unmatched lamps.

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C&J, the end tables are the same. And I hate them. lol.

I have 6 lamps in the LR, none match except the two by the sofa.

What do you all think about me painting them, and maybe replacing the shades? I'm assuming either porcelain or ceramic (not sure what they are) can be painted? I'd probably go with a deep cream color.

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Oakleyok, when I look at the pic, the room reads dark, which i'm partial to. BUT, the lamps stand out like a sore thumb. If the sofa were ivory, or the cabinet off to the left had a few ivory ceramics/porcelain/china pieces added, ivory pillows on the sofa, lampshades, candles, throws, etc., you might be able to pull it off. That's pretty much what i've done w/a gold sofa since I wanted a lighter look brought into the GR for the warmer months. I'll be bringing in the black lampshades, pillows, etc. for the winter months.

In other words, get rid of the lamps, or add more of the lighter color. With the lighter painted coffee table, it seems that's the direction you're heading????

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Patty, when we built the room and I put those lamps in there, I felt the same way!

As luck would have it, or maybe it was a sign, I accidentally broke my large 3way table lamp in the bedroom last night. My head immediately started spinning in a happy way.

I told dh we needed new lamps for the LR. We had kind "words" with each other because I told him I'd replace the bedroom lamp with one of the LR lamps.

I explained to him the LR lamps just did not go with the room! He's a man, what can I say? lol.

But he was under the impression I bought those lamps when we added-on, (he's a man, what can I say?) so I told him no, we've had those lamps for years! Did I say he was a man? :) Then he got excited and told me to buy new ones!

Here's what I ordered. They're 30" tall, 3-way, with a 7watt nightlight in the bottom part of the lamp.

I think they're perfect!

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Oakey, Four of my five lamps in the LR are painted...
One I painted right out of the bag from the store;
it went from green to bronze. :)
I like the lamps you ordered.

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The lamps came in today and I'm very happy with them. Above I said I didn't like my end tables, but I'm amazed how well I like them now because of the lamps. lol.

I had to stand behind the lamp to take the picture because DH was sitting on the sofa. :)

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Very pretty, oakley. They blend in nicely.

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Now that you have your matching pain...I find this and have to not a "pair of lamps"...similar...but not matching.
I have a pair of matching very nice lamps from my mother...I have the separated!....and in the family room I have a "pair" of similar but not matching lamps.

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Linda, I'm lost. lol. Are you referring to the lamp in the background? The other matching lamp to the one in the foreground isn't in the picture.

Thank you, Nancy!

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