Entertainment center fans and lights

stanjDecember 20, 2011

I own a Southfield 4 pc Entertainment center.

It has the two end units with the fans and lights.

The end units are about 7 feet apart.

The fans and lights (3 level � low, med, high) for both end units are controlled from the left end unit by touching the upper hinge on the left end unit.

There is a small wire going from the hinge up to a small control box that controls the fans and lights.

The other day, the light on the right end unit was not working.

I checked to see if it needed tightening and it popped. I unplugged the control box for the light/fans and replaced the bulb.

I plugged it back in and the lights work but the fan and light stay on at the high level.

Touching the upper hinge on the left end unit no longer works.

Is it possible that something on the control box with the wire leading to the hinge shorted?

How would I replace the control box?

Is there a part number or vendor I can contact or find other information abouth the light/fan touch control?


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"Is it possible that something on the control box with the wire leading to the hinge shorted? "

Probably the controller was destroyed by the current surge when the bulb failed.

You can try the manufacturer for new parts, or start hunting for them at stores and suppliers like Rockler.

Are the bulbs low voltage (often 12 V) or line voltage (120 V)?

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The bulb has listed on it,, 120v 25w

Switch control has 4 wires: RED, YELLOW, BLACK, WHITE. The RED wire has two wires connected to it while the YELLOW, BLACK, and WHITE have one wire connected

From the hinge, the touch wire is connected. The touch wire runs to a white connector (picture switch1) then connected to the YELLOW wire off the switch with a connector.

The light has two wires coming off of it. The bottom wire splits off and the runs to the RED off the switch wire and to the WHITE wire off the switch. Both that are connected with a connectors. The top wire off of the light runs over to the other end unit light.

The RED wire connector also has a black wire connected the runs to a pwr supply and then to the BLACK wire off the switch that is connected with a connector.

The FAN has a thin black wire that runs to another type of connector and then to pwr. I do not see how the fan is controlled by the switch. When it was working the light and fan would have a low, med, and high setting based on touching the hinge.

I have pictues of the switch but do not see how to upload them here.

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