Christmas Lights over Kitchen Cabinets ?? Too hot ??

angela12345December 9, 2012

Can cheapo incandescent mini Christmas string lights be used over kitchen cabinets ? We have an electrical outlet up there that we can plug them into, and it is switched to a wall switch. Would like to throw a string of lights on top of the kitchen cabinets. I want to make sure these lights will not get too hot. I don't want them to scorch the tops of the cabinets or start a fire.

We prefer not to use LED because we are looking for a warmer glow than the bright white from LED string lights. Even the "warm" LED lights seem too bright and blue-ish and do not match the color tone of our under cabinet lights.

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Lights, like the ones in your picture, should be just fine - well at least as long that they are stretched out and not just thrown into a pile.

BTW, I've purchased GE labeled LED strings from Costco the past couple years, that are a very warm light and you can not tell the difference between them and incandescents right next to them.

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Sophie Wheeler

Only cheap LEDs are bluish. Buy the bit more expensive ones and they will e the color tone you are looking for. And you'll never have to worry about the bulbs burning out.

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