No power to master bedroom

EricINDecember 17, 2013

I've got no power in my master bedroom. The house has 200A service, and there is a 20A arc fault circuit breaker feeding the bedroom. There are 3 overhead lights and about 8 receptacles on the circuit. The breaker reads 120v when on, 0v when turned off. (Putting the leads between the bus bar and the screw on the breaker) I've checked all the receptacles and switches for loose wires, and can't find anything wrong. The wiring is only about 11 years old.

Seems to me there has to be something disconnected between the panel and the first receptacle/switch on the circuit. I do not possess a wiring diagram for the circuit, that would make things way too easy! As such I can't say which receptacle/switch is first in line on the circuit.

Any brainy ideas? I'm sitting here scratching my noggin over this. Thanks.

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Have you checked in the master bathroom for a device on that circuit?

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Check the hot to ground at any/all devices. there may be a loose splice under a wire nut for the white wire pigtails.

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Check the master bathroom GFCI. It would not be code compliant to feed the bedroom from the bathroom circuit, but that doesn't stop some people. Otherwise, common sense and saving wire would dictate the majority of the time the first device in the circuit is the closest to the panel.

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