motion detector replacement

charles1218December 4, 2010

For years I have had a Regent MS403 detector with a 500 watt halogen light. It had very good long-distance detection. But recently it has started showing problems. It has started staying on indefinitely after it trips at night. It seems fine in test mode. My question is whether the Regent MS180 has the same long-distance performance. I have a couple of MS180 detectors that I bought a couple years ago for another light, but never used. Does anyone know of another suitable replacement that has similar long-distance detection and can handle the 500 watt load?

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I have yet to find a motion sensor that works well and lasts. Went through 4 in 10 years. Finally, I got fed up and installed a dusk to dawn sensor with 2 CF floods (they're 20-something watts each, good enough for my application.) I had been using 2 150-watt floods, but didn't want to use that much energy 10 hours a day.
Perhaps an electrical supply house might sell motion sensors of higher quality.

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I'd find the manufacturers website for the two models and download their spec sheets. Might give you some clues.

Integrated sensor/lights might be the way to go.

I don't know what it is in motion sensors that wears out, but they do. I think the lenses get cloudy, and the sensor inside probably has its electrical values change with age due to the sun etc.

CFs are good but not so good in colder temperatures.

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