220 circuit tripped, should I be concerned?

kpw212December 11, 2009

I needed to unplug the stove to plug in a floor sander. As I was unplugging the stove, the outlet came free from the wall and the screw holding the outlet dropped inside the outletbox causing a spark and the circuit to break. I took off the outlet cover, took out the loose screw then put it all back and plugged in the stove and flipped the breaker back on. Stove works fine no problems. I know zero about elect. Will this create any other problems. Thanks.

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Without seeing it, I would say you are fine.
Sounds like the breaker did its job.

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Will this create any other problems

Yes, if it ever happens again, it will probably scare the cat.

Likewise, if said furball was watching the first time, he/she may very well be traumatized for life.

Other than that, no. That's what circuit breakers are there for.

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