Dumb question, but will ask anyway!

mooieDecember 5, 2010

I removed a flourescent light fixture from above my sink that was plugged into an outlet above the cabinets. There is no wiring coming down from the ceiling. The outlet box wire comes out of the wall, up thru the cabinets to the top.

I would like to install a regular fixture up there and wondered if there was a way to: A- wire the fixture to a corded plug to plug in or B- remove the outlet box and use the wires from there?

I would appreciate any answers anyone can supply me! : ) Thanks!


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You could use a the receptacle box as a junction box and run a cable over to the new light. You would also need to run cable for a switch unless the receptacle is already switched.

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How did you turn on the "old" flourescent light fixture? Via a wall switch or a pull chain on the fixture?

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I have florsecent fixtures in my garage that plug into a ceiling receptacle that is controlled by a switch.

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There was a light switch that turned it on. However, the electrician had to pay a callback today and I checked it out with him. He did use the box as a junction box and I still have use of the outlet if I choose. Took him like 5 minutes. : ) Thanks!


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