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uniflowDecember 5, 2012

Greetings, I am upgrading a 100A QO remote panel in a detached building from 120V to 240V with 2-4 Al cable (all that was available locally) pulled from a 200A QO entrance panel. I gutted the remote panel and removed the bonding screw and installed a box grounding bar, drove an 8" ground rod and cabled it to the bar along with all the branch circuit grounds, separating them from the neutrals.

I have two questions: This leaves me with the insulated green conductor. May I ground it at the entrance panel as well as the remote panel? A journeyman electrician said that I could do this but I want a second opinion.

The other is, there is not available in either panel a means to ground the large #2 wire. May I bolt a grounding lug inside each panel case and install the grounding conductor to them?
Thanks for your help! Jim

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Ron Natalie

The current codes require that you run a ground to the remote structure in addition to it having it's own grounding system.

What green conductor are you talking about? Are you talking about the one feeding the sub panel? In this case not only CAN you, you MUST connect that to the grounding system on both ends.

You can use listed accessory lugs, check the Schneider catalog.

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