Moving stove outlet box

mooieDecember 19, 2010

After having a mini-remodel of my kitchen, I found that the electrician moved the stoves plug in box from inside the cabinet where it was out of the way, to directly behind the stove. While the outlet itself is flush to the wall, the plug itself causes my stove to sit out a good 3 inches away from the wall. Not liking that much..My last two houses were wired that way.(inside the cabinet) It can't be moved to the floor cuz the wire is too short. plus my warming drawer is down there and the manual says it's a no-no. Is there anything wrong with moving it back to it's orignal place? I just got the feeling they had an issue with cutting some holes in those new cabinets. I will appreciate any advice! Thanks!


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It is not permitted to be in the cabinet. It must be behind the stove. The stove usually has enough space behind it to allow for pushing flush to the wall. Perhaps it is just not in the correct location behind the stove.

Is this a gas or electric stove?

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The installation instructions for stoves (gas or electric) show the allowed locations for the gas lines and stove receptacles.

Just moving the box a few inches is likely to be all that is required.

Since the box has been moved, it must be a 4-wire installation if the stove is a 120/240 V load (most electrics are).

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It's an electric stove. Well if the above is all true, then I will have to call the electrician back because he kept the same electric box as what was there. It used a 3 pronged cord so I'm guessing that means 3 wire, not 4. And the existing wire is not long enough, iirc, to drop just above floor level. Manual says there are 2 acceptable areas for placement with the warming drawer. Thanks a bunch!! I will be giving him a call to re-run that wire like it's supposed to be.


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Before you call him - -download the manual and specs for your stove -- the manufacturer will list exactly where behind the range the outlet needs to be installed so the range can be installed flush with the wall!

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Once you get the range positioned (and wired) correctly, do NOT forget the anti-tip-over safety bracket, which must line up to "capture" a rear foot, and be firmly fastened to the floor. Mr. Bill! =:O

... not sure if this bracket is the purview of the electrician, or gen-con, or...?

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"firmly fastened to the floor"

Many fasten to the wall.

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Many fasten to the wall.

Sorry, my CBS bias is showing. Given the choice 'tween a wood baseboard and a concrete slab, I anchor to the slab.

Though the potential torque seems rather high in certain mishaps, there seems to be no hard stds. for this safety device. e.g. Do most baseboards qualify as a "beam" between studs? What are the odds of bracket location aligning with a stud? (Answer: about 1 in 16, lol.)

IIRC, ranges in the 1950s were so massive, tipping was rarely as issue... same with cars, lol.

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