outlets dont work?

dmconsultingDecember 25, 2009

my wife plugged in a hairdryer to the hall outlet and after 1 minute it went out and the hal lights went out, now all the outlets connected to that zone are out. i tried the panel and flipped the breaker which wasnt tripped by the way, i tried resetting the 2 GFI in the panel, nothing happened? what can be the cause and how do i fix this? appreciate the help. thanks

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Hair dryers -- especially a large ones -- draw a lot of juice and are leading candidates for tripping a breaker.

Before trying to diagnose this problem further, I'd suggest that you revisit the breaker for that circuit. First turn it all the way off -- firmly! Then turn it back on. There's no need to be gentle here: Make sure you move the toggle all the way to the off position.

A lot of breakers don't appear to be tripped when, in fact, they are. In that state, they won't reset if you simply push them towards the "on" position.

If that doesn't work, come back for some more troubleshooting.

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