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adilhoxhaDecember 16, 2012

I'm adding two electrical outlets on a wall to an existing circuit that has 6 potlights and a couple of outlets on it. The question is should I fish wire through the wall to hook up the new outlets one of the old ones or can I access power through the potlights in the attic? The potlights seems easier - but not sure if I can do that(?) Or do I just fish the wire from the attic down to one of the existing outlets and run that wire over and down to the new outlet?

Just wondering others' thoughts...


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If you connect at a light fixture, you would probably find that turning off the switch for the light would also kill the power to the new outlets. I can't say for sure without knowing more specifics about how the circuit is connected. Your best bet is to wire back to an outlet that is known to be always-on.

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Makes sense...I'll go fishing...

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Drill a small hole where the outlet will be, and use a straightened metal coat hanger to feel inside the wall. Enlarge the hole for the wire or outlet box. Be sure to use an outlet boxes made to attach to an existing wall, but do not install it until the wire has been run.Attach the wire or cable to a fish tape or coat hanger using electrical tape, and feed it into the hole until it reaches the opening at the other end. If you are working from the attic, you can drop a weighted string down wall cavity, then attach the wire to the string and pull it through.

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