100 amp braker box or200 amp braker box

joetoeDecember 2, 2012

I have just rewired my home with 12-2 with ground and would like to know which to go with the braker box, right now I have a small 100 AMP box and need more space. So should I stay with the 100 AMP or go with the 200 AMP box?

I have a GAS Drier, Gas Stove & Oven, and a Gas Water Heater.

Everything else is Eleectal.

Yes I have AC.

The only things that I have electric id the Amplifier, Refrigerator, Microwave, dishwasher, TV, DVD Player, CD Player, and Computer. That is it.

To be realistic Even thoru I may not need 200Amp box would I be wise to put one in?

I just took the 200 Amp box back and got a 100 Amp box with 20 20.

If I was to sell the house will this make a big differance?

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go back and get the 200 amp box.

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You can't just put in a "200 amp box". You need to do a whole service upgrade to go to 200A.

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Yes I understand that.

That is why I am asking if one should go with 200 Amps or stay with the 100 Amps.

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Yes, if you are able to address any required changes prior to the breaker box to accommodate the 200 amp service - just do it.

An upgrade to the panel should be just that, an "upgrade" and not just to meet your current needs, but also allow for future needs as well.

If I was looking at buying a home, a 100 amp service entrance would definitely fall into the "con" category as opposed to the "pro" category.

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Depending on local laws you may not have to pay anything for the service drop upgrade.

Virginia used to be home and may still be) to free upgrades from the pole to the meter pan with a service upgrade.
For a long time Dominion Power would even give you a meter base for the asking so you would use their preferred one.

The POCO has to get power to your meter base.

New houses with new power are not the same.

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