Unusual GFCI Breaker

djdoggoneDecember 11, 2012

We have an unusual GFCI breaker and are wondering if it is special in some way. It has two white wires coming out of it: one curly with a black line down the side and the other a straight white wire about 2 ft. long. It is a Siemens/ITE/Gould CAT# OF-115.

All the GFCI breakers we see have just the one curly wire.

Any hints?

Thanks, Deb

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Is there a neutral screw on the breaker along with a hot screw?

One of the whites is likely neutral out to the load, while the other is neutral for the bar in the box (neutral into the GFCI and out of the GFCI).

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Something like this?

Here is a link that might be useful: Seimens QF115 breaker

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brickeyee: no neutral screw. know curly q goes to neutral bar on box. second white wire, about 6 inches long, think gets twisted with white wire from circuit. just want to be sure.

weedmeister: you got it! am i right in how to wire?

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Ron Natalie

Brick nailed it. The coily wire goes to the neutral bus. The straight one gets wirenutted to the load neutral.

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Can't thank you guys enough.

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Just so you understand, both the hot and neutral of the load must pass through a GFCI device.
It is measuring if the currents in these lines match (within about 0.006 A (6 mA).

Any mismatch is taken to be caused by a problem, and the device turns off the circuit.

Many GFCI breakers have a terminal for mounting the branch circuit neutral, and a wire for then hooking up to the panel neutral buss.

This one just uses wires for both connections.

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