Outdoor extension cords

jimracDecember 11, 2009

Is this really needed, we have had an outdoor receptacle recently installed so we can run an extension cord for spot lights used for the holidays.

Is it necesssary to cover the cords up?? I was thinking about using some pvc or something,, but its probably overkill and a waste of money. Just lay on the snow,, and dont worry about it???

We are only talking about a length of about 40-50 feet or so..


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Should be fine as the cord is made for wet conditions, the extension cord manufactures just cover themselves with a 90 day rule (which is all the cord is made to be used for at one time. A cord left out being used for a not so temporary use, would become a hazard.

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Ok great, thank uou spencer

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I've been using a combination of OUTDOOR (orange) cords and indoor (brown/white ones) for years. I usuall chuch the indoor ones ever few years and buy new ones...they are cheap...is this safe...never questined it until now....what could happen?

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If the insulation cracks and someone touches the wire they could get shocked. The conductors could also start arching to each other which might possibly set dry leaves on fire, etc.

I'm not saying it is very dangerous, but there is some danger. Chances are nothing will ever happen.

You can go to Lowes or HD and buy 25' orange cords for about $7. They are pretty rugged for the price.

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